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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 3, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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votes are headed to the poll to cast their ballots for the next governor of virginia. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. decision 2009 is the story making headlines this afternoon. with three hours and counting until polls close in the commonwealth of virginia where the race for governor has become a symbolic test for the national popularity of the democrat and republican parties. >> candidates creigh deeds and bob mcdonnell were among those who cast their ballots today. it's one of several races being closely watched across the country. brian moar joins us live from capitol hill with more on this busy election day. >> hi, pat and jim. it was a year ago that president obama won office and was riding high in the polls. republicans are hoping to capitalize on voters who believe they did not get the change they were hoping for. in this off-jeyear election,
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president obama wasn't on any ballot anywhere. >> i don't believe that local elections in virginia and new jersey portend about legislative success or political success in the future. >> republicans do. they are hoping this is the first step toward winning back power in washington. >> i truly do believe there is a political rebel-on going on in our country. >> reporter: in the democratic strong hold of nung, incumbent governor jon corzine was in a tight three-way race with republican chris christi and chris dagget. >> i think there is an awful lot of frustration in new jersey about what's going on, basically the incredible amount of spending. >> reporter: in virginia, bob mcdonnell was hoping to become the first republican governor in eight years by defeating democrat creigh deeds. he campaigned with president obama. >> they've not embraced some of these policies coming out of washington. i think that helped me in this
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election. >> in upstate new york, the gop candidate said she had taken too much abuse from her own party members who question their values. she is backing democrat bill owens over doug hoffman. mostly light turnout in races some see as a referendum on the president. in virginia, especially northern virginia, will be ver closely watched. no matter what happens, there will be a lot of talk about it here on capitol hill. pat? >> brian moar, thank you. virginia voters are choosing their next lieutenant governor today. this race is between incumbent bill bowling and democrat jody wagner, former state treasurer and finance secretary. the race for attorney general shannon.ublican can cuccinelli, we'll have live coverage o election day activities throughout our newscasts at 5:00
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and 6:00 until the polls close tonight. and the latest on returns and results tonight on news4 at 11:00. cdc officials say so far there have been hardly any cases of the seasonal flu. only h1n1, but they say swine flu is still spreading. california researchers released a report today that says don't be fooled by claims this is just a young person's disease. there are concerns for older people, too. kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> reporter: for many kids, it is a painful reality. as more h1n1 vaccine becomes available. so far almost 32 million doses have been distributed, on track for 10 million more this week alone, but not where the cdc hoped to be by now, meaning long lines and concerns continue for many. >> if you don't get a shot right away, if it hits you, you could pass away or something like
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that. >> reporter: researchers in california are today painting a new picture of how true that might be. and not just for the young. the study published in "the journal of the american medical association" showed h1n1 could be deadly at all ages. finding 11% of hospitalized cases in the state were fatal. the average time from the first symptoms to death just 12 days. >> even healthy people can get sick and hospitalized. another interesting fact we found, there is a perception the elderly are protected and have pre-existing immunity. in our study, in the elderly were admitted, they often ended up dying. >> reporter: the cdc is aware of the study and cautions -- >> providers should think of h1n1 influenza in all age groups. it doesn't change what our recommendations would be for vaccination. >> reporter: leaving people of all ages doing what they can to keep the virus away. while they wait for more vaccine.
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kristen dahlgren, nbc news. officials warn while we haven't seen any seasonal flu just yet, it is too early to tell what the flu season might hold, and they urge people to get both vaccines when they're available. the shortage is causing rampant rumors online about alternative remedies. people are saying an unpeeled onion in each room, raw garlic can attract viruses in the air and hydrogen peroxide can help fight germs. according to the centers of disease control and prevention, only the official vaccine can prevent the h1n1 virus. food and drug administration already sent 75 warning letters to marketers of products claiming to fight the virus. if you want a free swine flu shot there are clinics tonight in the district. vaccines will be given out at coolidge senior high and mckinley tech senior high school 5:00 to 9:00 this evening. if you live in spotsylvania
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there are more than 1,300 doses available at river bend high school starting at 5:00. tomorrow fredericksburg will hold its clinic at lafayette upper elementary school at 5:30 p.m. there are 800 doses available there. house republicans have produced a preliminary version of a haeshg reform bill. the associated press obtained a draft of it. aides to minority leader john boehner say changes are still being made. the current version is 230 pages long compared to the democrat's measure which runs 1,990 pages. the republican bill focusses more on lowering costs than expanding coverage. it does not require americans to buy insurance, and it also allows companies to deny coverage to people who have pre-existing medical conditions. aive look outside right now where we can certainly feel a change in the weather. veronica johnson has more on what's going to be a very chilly night across the region.
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>> that it is, pat. at least for today we had hassle-free nice weather for getting out to the polls today. not the start this morning. here is a look at some of the temperatures throughout the area. 32 the start in martinsburg, west virginia. 34 in manassas, virginia. 43 right there in d.c. again, it's going to be even colder tonight. temperatures are going to head down into the 30s. 38 in the district. other locations will be colder. here is a look at cloud cover today making its way through. we have a cold front that's been slowly coming through our area again. temperatures will drop from the 60s to the 30s. because of that, a frost advisory has been posted everywhere from about d.c. up to howard county, montgomery county, fairfax, prince william, down through stafford county. for points westward. here is a look at your fast forecast. it will be a clear moon-filled
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sky for us. a frosty cold night coming up. again with those temperatures heading down into the 30s. we'll talk about the possibility of any rain coming up. it's been drying out a couple of days. we'll have at least the four-day forecast coming to you in a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. d.c. police are investigating the murder of a local restaurant owner. poli found 38-year-old nori amaya unconscious in her apartment in the 3600 block of 16th last night. they believe she was strangled to death. she was the owner of poppy's. there was no sign of forced entry at her apartment. the deaths of o teenagers found shot to death in triangle last night appear to be the result of a suicide pact. desiree patrick was 17 years old. her boyfriend was 18. both were students at forest park high in dale city. prince william county police say the teens agreed to commit suicide.
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detectives continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding their deaths. the girl's father found the two teens in an upstairs bedroom of his oak dale circle home around 5:00 yesterday. >> she made me happy. she was a really good person. i don't know. they had a good relationship. i don't know what happened to make them do this. >> in a statement, the teen's mother describes her son as a gifted child with musical talent. nba star delonte west faces jail time on weapons charges. today a prince george's county grand jury indicted the cleveland cavaliers guard on eight counts. charges include carrying a loaded shotgun with ammo and several other guns. west took two leaves of absence from the team for personal health reasons after his arrest.
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two months ago today the state's attorney talked about the charges. >> each offense carries up to three years imprisonment. sentencing guidelines are lower than that. >> back in september police pulled west over on the roadway. west told the officer he was armed. attorneys for convicted sniper master md filed an appeal with the u.s. supreme court today asking for john muhammad's death sentence to be commuted to life in prison. he was scheduled to die by leithian injection one week from today. his attorneys argue he is mentally ill and was incompetent to assist in his own defense during this trial. he was convicted of the 2002 murder of dean harold myers outside a manassas gas station. muhammed and his teenage accomplice lee boyd malvo a suspected of killing ten people in the washington area during a three-week killing spree.
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malvo was sentenced to life in prison. a massive blaze in upper marlboro destroyed one home. it took 30 firefighters nearly 1 1/2 hours to put it out. they were slowed by broken gaslines inside the house. the fire left behind little more than the home's frame. investigators say the frame and smoke caused about $300,000 in damage. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a similar scene overnight in rockville led to the deaths of nearly 2 dozen pets. flames ripped through a home in the 500 block. firefighters say they when got there they found the family trying to go back inside the burning house to have their 23 birds, with you included parakeets, parrots and finches. the blaze aears to have started in the basement. a $128 million new forensic
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crime lab is under construction. mayor adrian fenty took a swing this morning on the new lab. the state will include biosafety measures to quickly examine materials in case of a public outbreak. the building will be located on 4th and east street southwest. this is what the new lab will look like when done. it is expected to be finished late 2012. >> that after picture is impressive. we are just getting started. troubling trend. >> next at 4:15, what new numbers are showing about teachers in our nation's classrooms. >> at 4:30, new images of a missing british girl nearly three years after her disappearance. at 4:45, some warning signs for parents about your kids' stress level.
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federal education officials are calling for a new generation of americans who become teachers, especially african-american males. that's the topic of tonight's "insider report." todd johnson has the story. >> reporter: robby curry says his role as a sixth grade teher isn't ways about math and science. one of his students recently told him why. >> he was, like, whoa, it's not that often that you see a black male being a teacher. it's quite often they are working part-time jobs. >> reporter: curry says his student's honesty is inspiring. >> could have a sixth grader say that to me validated a lot of what i'm doing. >> reporter: 2% of the nation's 5 million teachers are black men. it prompted education secretary
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arne duncan to call for a new generation of teachers, especially black males. curry says more recruitment of teaches at a wider range of schoolses part of the solution. >> it energizes me that i'm part of a movement trying onto crease that nom. >>eporter: this is a former fourth grade teacher. he is an alum of teach for america, a nonprofit which recruits recent college graduates to teach at schools in underresourced communities. >> i feel with all my students it was making that personal connection with my black male students i feel that connection was also there. >> maybe for that one kid because he hasn't seen too many teachers who look like him to know maybe i can take a try with this one, see where it can go. i think that does something for kids. >> reporter: and maybe that kid or any number of curry's other wide-eyed students could fill their teacher's shoes one day. >> nbc "nigly news with brian williams" will have more on the
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teacher shortage tonight right after news4 at 6:00. tonight, you'll get a chance to voice your opinions about whether or not metro should hike fares. there will be a public forum at kennedy high school. metro plans to raise their fares. they face a huge de sighten if it does raise fares. ridership is down because of unployment and june's deadly crash on the red line. speed cameras are coming to prince george's county. county council voted unanimously today in favor of posting speed cams in at least 50 school zones. they'll start going up in january. drivers doing more than 12 miles over the posted speed limit will get a $40 ticket in the mail. you won't get any points on your license. prince george's county has the highest number of pedestrian deaths and fatal motorcycle crashes in the state. and if you are caught speeding in a work zone, you can
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still get a break. according to "the washington post," the warning phase for speeding has been extended for two more weeks. after that, if one of the cameras catches you speeding in a work zone, the fine goes up to 40 bucks. more than 9,000 drivers have gotten warnings since the cameras were installed last month. >> don't say we didn't warn you. ahead on news4 at 4:00, desperate house wife. >> the length one mother went to to stewart money from her own husband. >> the medical mishaps inside this hospital putting patient's lives at risk. >> a warning for blackberry users about a snooping software that could leave your private phone calls open for
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a billboard in florida has a lot of drivers slowing down. many are 0 not happy about the message. it reads, "don't believe in god? you are not alone." it belgs to the group atheists of florida. reaction is overwhelmingly negative. we have a lot of blue sky out there today.
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it was so nice to use the shades. it's been a while. i was like, where were they? >> i've seen those. you look cool in the shades. >> can't wear them in here. >> sunshine, but ts morning we were a little nippy. it's going to be even colder tonight with the clear skies. we lose that cloud cover. warmth from the day radiates back out into space. 64 the temperature. dew point temperature at 35 degrees. northwest wind at 10. average low 43. that is what we were this morning. again, it's going to be even colder tonight. we are going to head down into the 30s. look at some of the temperatures throughout the area. 64 here. 61 in philadelphia. 59 degrees in hagerstown. 67 in richmond. there is the cold front that's coming through. behind that front, there it is. not any precipitation with it at all. behind it, again, the colder air. frost advisories posted d.c. down to roanoke.
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up around philadelphia, too, they've got freeze warnings posted up into new york. temperatures heading down into the 30s. a cold one tonight, cold one tomorrow night. game six, those folks will be bundled up like at a football game. you can see the front here. high pressure building in behind that front. there is another weather system that's going to be moving through here on thursday. a little weak system, clippers, they drop south and east. move quickly through. i do think that next one for thursday morning, it will be coming into the area by about midnight though tomorrow. clouds and that one may have a few showers with it. taking us into early ursday. 64 the temperature. 40 in buffalo. 53 in cincinnati. that colder air will really be over us. you'll notice it by friday and saturday morning. jacket required the next couple of days here. certainly through the week and weekend. 52 elkins, west virginia.
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look at the start 30, below freezing. close to freezing at points of rock, maryland. futurecast taking you through the next 48 hours. cloud cover comes in, just a few for early thursday morning. maybe a few showers with that next little system zipping through. not much in the way of rainfall. 50s for highs tomorrow. that is it. here is a look, clear and bright conditions. cool 59 dropping to the low 50s by later tonight. we are clear, sunny, frosty and cold to start the day tomorrow. 32 to 3 degrees. clouds will be increasing though late tomorrow. chilly conditions. 52 to 57 degrees. a look at your four-day forecast quick here shows that sunshine by friday, dry conditions, may be getting close to 60 by the weekend. quiet pattern in yourxtended forecast. a maryland man who got a
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ticket for going too slowly gets his day in court. it's been an interesting couple of months and weeks. jane watrel is working on this story. >> reporter: this was a big talker story back in july. eric bondstrom got pulled over going 58 in a 65. he hired a lawyer to fight this ticket. >> i assume the state police were there. >> reporter: police were there. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. >> interesting you can get dragged into court for obeying the law. >> reporter: it was funny to get the reaction from folks outside the courthouse, too. the state police stand by their ticket. it's an interesting outcome. >> we'll get the full report on news4 at 5:00. thank you, jane watrel. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, pat. much more ahead on news4 at 4:30. new images. what a little girl missing for nearly three years may look like if s were seen today.
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plus a hospital under fire for the medical mistakes endangering the lives of patients. then a new study about the level of stress in kids and some warning signs parents can look
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welcome back at 4:30, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. some of the big stories in the news right now, it's election
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day and the race for virginia govern is getting close, national attention. the race is between creigh deeds and republican bob mcdonnell. the republican has led in the polls in a state that largely went for president obama last year. polls close tonight at 7:00. police say the deaths of two teens in triangle last night were the result of a suicide pact. 17-year-old desiree patrick and her 18-year-old boyfriend williams were shot to death. they were students at forest park high school in dale city, virginia. the girl's father found the bodies yesterday. sniper master mooind john allen muhammed filed an appeal today. his attorneys argue he is mentally ill and incompetent to assist in his own defense during his trial. he is scheduled to die by lethal injection one week from today.
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now our top story at 4:30. it's been more than two years since a british girl named madeleine mccann disappeared while her parents vacationed in portugal. >> there is a new effort to find the missing child. her parents are hoping technology will help. george lewis has our report. >> reporter: madeline mack can vanished may 3rd, 2007, just nine days before her 4th birthday. police released new computer age ctur of wha she might look like today at age 6 1/2. one with blonde hair and a second image showing her with a sun tan and dark hair. those pictures splashe all over today's london newspapers. her parents hope the images and this video will go viral on the internet. >> keeping this information secret only increases the anguish of madline's family and friends. >> reporter: on british television this morning, they said they are trying to appeal directly to the kidnapper or anybody in the know. >> they are trying to prompt
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them really. they know the right thing to do is come forward. we are trying to prompt them into doing that really. >> this is targeted to the abductor and people who know that person. >> reporter: there have been persistent rumors madline may have been taken off somewhere in africa, one reason for the tanned version of the photograph. >> everyone will remember madline as a blonde-haired child. that doesn't have to be a sun tan, that can be fake tan. >> reporter: jerry and kate mccann who were once named as suspects, but later cleared by portuguese police, believe madline is still alive. they hired a private detective, meeting with pope benedict, going on oprah. they say their hope for finding madline was renewed when they heard about the jaycee dugard case in california. that if jaycee can be found alive after 18 years, then madline can also be found alive, as well. this as police hope someone who
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knows the little girl's whereabouts will come forward. george lewis, nbc news, london. >> reward is being offered for finding madline total about $5 million. a florida mother accused of faking her own kidnapping appeared in court today for a pretrial hearing. prosecutors say she made up an elaborate hoax to get money from her husband. this past labor day, quinn gray disappeared and claims she was kidnapped at gun point. she said her abductors forced her to write a also arrested and charged with extortion. >> became more and more evident, really to everybody involved, it was something far more complex than a kidnapping. >> if i wanted $50,000, all i would do is take it out of the
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bank account. >> quinn gray is at a mentality facility as part of her relief from jail. her husband says he still supports his wife. a dive team looking for three missing colge soft ball players found nothing during the search of a north dakota lake. the woman have been identified as 20-year-old, 21-year-old, 22-year-old. the 22-year-old's father said the women went star gazing on paterson lake southwest of dickerson state university where they went to school. authorities are searching for the three students. a rhode island hospital is under careful inspection after an alarming number of medical mistakes. now the state health department is cracking down saying doctors at rhode island hospital keep operating on the wrong body parts. health officials report six months ago a surgeon operated on the wrong side of a child's mouth. in october, a surgeon operated on a wrong finger. >> we were pretty upset with the
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findings they got. they didn't follow their protocol. they didn't mark the fingers. >> the hospital has been ordered to install cameras in the operating rooms to retrain surgeons and hire consultants to observe surgeries. in the past three years, 22 dallas, texas, police officers have ticketed drivers for not speaking english. while there is no law on the books that require drivers to speak english, it was listed as such on the computer software the officers use in their squad cars. atirst they were ordered to attend 40 hours of racial sensitivity and traffic law training. instead sources say they met with the police chief monday for only a few hours. the matter is currently being investigated by internal affairs. as the world series moves to new rk for game six, thousands of philadelphia mass transit workers move to strike. all bus, subway and trolley service is stalled in philly after contracts broke down with the city's transit union.
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union workers agreed to stay on the job during the world series games in philly. regional rail service it not affected because those crews are covered bicep approximate contracts. nfl commissioner roger goodell testified before congress today. he asked law makers for their support in protecting the league's steroid policy from being challenged on the basis of state law. the case centers on two players for the minnesota vikings. they tested positive for a substance banned that was in the over-the-counter weight loss supplement category they had taken. the league tried to suspend the players, but state law blocked those suspensions. >> just ahead, security alert. >> a warning about a popular social networking website that could put your personal information at risk. >> hollywood star ryan seacrest apparently has a new stalker. >> promising news from the nation's largest automakers and what it means for our economy.
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scrooge helped usher in the christmas season in london today. actor jim carey was among the celebrities who helped turn on the city's christmas lights in three separate ceremonies. carey plays scrooge in "a christmas carol" which is based on the novel by charles dickens. look at that crowd. >> he's got to be on cloud nine. >> he is quite a talent. so are you when it comes to telling the weather. >> and you know what? i'm going to tell everybody to bundle up.
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last night 40s, tonight 30s. pretty much areawide. >> it's cooling off. >> 60s right now. that's seasonal temperatures and probably the last day this week where we are going to see highs in the 60s. we are going to fall off a cooler pattern for us for the remainder of the workweek. here is what's going on. see that line of clouds through the area that's coming through, right there? that's d.c. going all the way down to western north carolina. that's the actual col front coming through. a dry cold front. these little fronts diving south and east out of canada without any rain, but again, some colder air behind it. here we go tonight. upper marlboro and around prince george's county. 36 degrees, the low tonight. 41 in annapolis, anne arundel, st. mary's, you'll dip down to 40 degrees. 35 tonight.
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a cold start tomorrow with highs only in the 50s. folks, that's with sunshine across the area. it will be on the breezy side, too. at 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, 38 to 39 degrees. skies will be clear. sunset at 5:05. so early today, but it will be up at 6:39 tomorrow. here is a look at your four-day forecast. you saw the four-day earlier. we'll talk about the extended, too. low to mid 50s for wednesday, thursday, friday. a bit of cloud cover around with that next front coming in for early thursday morning. i wouldn't be surprised if maybe there is a shower that comes after midnight wednesday into early thursday morning. for the most part, it is a dry period and pattern for us, the weekend, we could be at least scooting back up to the low 60s. jim, pat? >> thanks, veronica. >> when we come back, stressed out? >> warning signs for parents about what to look for in their
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children. >> plus a warning if you use a blackberry and why your blackberry could be at risk. >> what would you do if a major
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whether young or old, stress is taking its toll on us. a new survey provides an indepth look at the state of stress in america. in today's "your body/your
4:44 pm
health report" we learned it's taking a surprising impact on children. it may be no shock to learn americans are stressed out, but in the latest snapshot from the american psychological association, the annual stress survey reveals some surprises. especially for parents. >> we were kind of surprised to see that children are reporting higher levels of stress than their parents realized. >> reporter: in fact, only 3% of parents rated their kids stress as extreme, but quarter of the survey kids did. 30% of the children worry more this year than last. it seems the younger generations may follow their parents' examples. in the survey of more than 1,500 adults, a whopping 89% reported significant stress. 42% said ty worried more than last year. money and work were still the
4:45 pm
biggest stressors. 2/3 of adults surveyed reported one or more chronic illnesses. >> to the degree we fail to manage stress, we put ourselves at risk for long-term physical and emotional consequences. >> reporter: it's a grim picture of an anxious nation. as the stress epidemic threatens to put parents and children at risk. doctors say it is important for adults and children to try to lower the stress levels with healthy activities like exercising. facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends, but it still can be a breeding ground for criminals. you should look at how your privacy settings are set up. sharing your e-mail address, your birthdaynd full name is all a hacker really needs. check every one you accept as friends. don't accept people you think you know. make sure you really do know them.
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>> anything you put on line, anyone can see. don't put it on line if you are not willing to have the creepy guy at the bus stop watching you. >> security experts advise all facebook users to share information about personal events after the events have actually takenplace. >> blackberry users listen up. federal security officials have a warning about new spying software. the department of homeland security says a blackberry applicatn caed phone snoop can remotely trigger your speaker phone if it's downloaded to your phone. that means someone you're talking to can listen to your surroundings without your knowledge. it's not too difficult to protect your phone from that spyware since someone else has to have physical access to your phone to download the app. you can tell if someone has been able to download it by checking the applications list. >> do you keep your keyboard locked? >> i do keep it locked. it's a pain, but i think it
4:47 pm
gives protection. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, auto anxiety. >> major automakers out with new numbers today painting a clear picture of the impact of the economy. >> wait until we tell you who is stalking. i'm wendy rieger. it's what the redskins fans have been waiting for. they want to hear from owner dan snyder. finally, reaction to him and what he has to say to fans after this dismal season. >> and driving too slowly? police gave a driver a ticket. jane watrel will return to tell us what happened to the guy when he went to court. >> and biodynamic wines. a vineyard in northern sonoma.
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it was a beautiful day. i was up early. it was in the upper 30s. >> you got up very early. >> that was about 3:00 when i left the studios here. >> you got to watch the sunrise. >> it was a treat. it was beautiful.
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>> it's nice when the time changes this time of year. it's cooling off and feels like weather is creeping in on us. here you see skyline city shot there. skies are blue. we are going to get rain later in the week. the most important thing we are talking about in the weather is the temperature. >> that's right. >> and how much warmer it will get. >> veronica is out in the elements. how cool? >> right now you are going to need a jacket if you are outside. we are in the 60s, but there is a light wind that's blowing. enough to chill you down. by tomorrow morning, we are going to lose that wind, but temperatures are going to be heading down into the 30s across the area. because of that, the clear skies, we're likely to see frost. there will be that speckled ice crystals on the blades of grass. the fall leaves by tomorrow morning. that shot you saw earlier was from carol. she took that as a great fall
4:52 pm
color across the area. and with a bit of wind today, more leaf dropping so more raking to be done this weekend. our temperatures right now are in the upper 50s, low 60s across the area. yeah, the gremlins in the machine. if we talk about the weather pattern this week, it is overall going to be a dry pattern for us. one that is going to be cold because the next couple of days we are going to see highs in the 50s, and overnight temperatures in the 30s. probably some of the coldest of the cold air due to be over us by friday, early saturday morning. for tomorrow morning at the bus stop, sunrise forecast, sun's up tomorrow at 6:39. a frosty cold start for us, yeah. the kids, they don't always like taking a coat. they should be able to get by with a sweatshirt early tomorrow morning. a big range in temperatures
4:53 pm
throughout from about 32 degrees in some of the coldest suburbs to about 38 degrees in town. a bit of cloud cover for now. that cloud cover is moving out. if we can go back to the highs for tomorrow for a second. i want to hold on that and show how cool it is going to be compared to today. highs tomorrow in the 50s compared to today we were in the 60s. 54 degrees, the high temperature for tomorrow. there will be spots north and west starting out at about 50. south and east getting up to about 56 degrees or so. the four-day forecast, again no chance of rain really, but i think from midnight wednesday into thursday morning, we may see a few sprinkles, light showers across the area. as the next weather front comes through. just like this last front that came through here this afternoon. there will be another one of these fronts zipping through. not a lot of moisture.
4:54 pm
wouldn't be surprised if there are a few drops around early thursday morning. cold pattern the rest of the week. going to need that jacket. see you back here tomorrow. >> thanks, veronica. after the break on news4 at 4:00, we are learning more about the auto industry today. >> what new numbers are showing about how two of the nation's leading car makers are doing in
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welcome back. some of the hot topics, an army reservist accused of stalking ryan seacrest faces charges. the 26-year-old suspect showed up at l.a. headquarters of e entertainment television trying to see seacrest who anchors on e and hosts "american idol." he is on probation for attacking a seacrest bodyguard in september. kate winslet accepted libel damages today from "the daily mail." the title asked the question, "should kate winslet win an oscar for the most irritating actress?" it also accused of her lying about her exercising regimen. she accepted damages today of
4:58 pm
about $40,000. a florida man dressed up as pamela anderson for halloween may have been pulling more than a prank. police say the 28-year-old was arrested after surveillance video captured him pulling the fire abarm of a naples night club twice. fire crews responded evacuating club doors. the man is reportedly known in the area as a cover model. investigators spotted his blonde wig and red bathing suit in the video. there are glimmers of hope today that a dismal year for the auto industry is starting to turn around following one of the worst economic down turns in a quarter century. now u.s. car makers believe the worst may be behind them. michelle franzen has the story. >> reporter: sales for u.s. automakers in october revealed positive signs americans are buying again, following a cash for clunkers hangover that stalled september profits. general motors posted its first
4:59 pm
sales gain in more an year, up 4.7% in october from a year ago. >> we are not here to declare victory, but what we are here to do is talk about making progress. we are seeing some of the fundamentals within the market making marked improvement. >> reporter: it comes a day after ford motor company reported a 3% jump in its october sales. cars and crossover vehicles are leadg the way. >> if you look at our performance this month, all our cars were up 11% and crossovers, the car-based utilities were up 23%. >> reporter: numbers that are moving in the right direction for two major car makers. for chrysler, it is a longer road to recovery. chrysler sales tumbled 30% last month from a year ago. the car company which sells jp and dodge vehicles said sales are improving little by little. in the past year, chrysler and gm have taken government-backed loans to avoid bankruptcy. in the process restructured their business models by closing


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